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Presets Adjusted With Chords and Scales

Here are all current presets adjusted with the chords from: Soul, Poolside And Passage. 

Will be working on the 7th. preset chords next.

I am also working on making all lead presets with scales from bass presets and vice versa

(197 KB)
(193 KB)
(197 KB)

I took a quick look at these presets - haven't tried them yet. Looks like you've done a lot of work - perhaps you've  made a way to automate it.

I would strongly suggest that you always set the "Factory" and "readOnly" parameters to "0" otherwise people might load them and be unable to delete them if they don't want them later. (It would also  not be possible to correct any errors should there be any.)

I would also give them different names and add your own identity. You might as well credit yourself for your own work but it would also be better to make them show up in the app with different names (the connect app can show presets with the same name but it won't be immediately obvious which is which).

I wouldn't load any of these myself without making those changes first.

Have you tried these with a Chorda by any chance? - they should work OK since they have come from Artiphon's own chord sets, but the Chorda does things that the Orba 2 doesn't. It is possible they may not work well on the Chorda. Those who use both devices might find that a problem.

Does anyone actually use the 7th chords preset? I doubt it whatever preset it is used with, except perhaps for passing midi data to a DAW.

What you are talking about with bass presets and scales boils down to making lead presets diatonic rather than pentatonic. You should be able to change Lead to play in diatonic in the Connect app - but presets set for this are useful - it's what I already do myself. I only do it on the presets I actually use or have created. I don't see any great advantage to making bass presets pentatonic - but if you feel the need, so be it (-again - that might not work well on the Chorda).

But it's really good to see someone trying to do something useful with the presets - most people can't be bothered trying!

My apologies Kristoffer, I just took another look and you have changed the preset names already. I missed that before, sorry.

The Pool chords look like the standard chord set used by most of the Artiphon chord presets. A further look at the Passage and Soul would suggest to me that they may not work well on the Chorda, but I haven't tested that yet. 

Will definently be changing the suggested parameter, just got it working and didn't think further off it.

-yeah quite a few off the original presets have the "pool" chords, but definently not all, and i didn't feel like going through manually afterwards to check.

Cheers, and thanks for the insight!

You can do quite a lot with minor adjustments to chord sets making them useable for different songs. It's worth exploring the possibilities - especially for the Orba 2.

Here are the Chord presets with readonly and factory set to "0"

aswell as lead and bass presets with respective scale settings. 


here they are.


I get you with the exploring the possibilities, but as i'm basicly always on the go when using the orba, i dont have a pc at hand most of the times, and just want it for relaxing and having fun. This is what i more or less was missing from the experience of having a fun pocket synth.

I hope someone can get some easy fun hours out of my work.

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