Using the cross-platform ORBA app, presets with a different tuning can be loaded into Orba.

To change keys:

  1. Open the Orba app
  2. Select the Pencil icon in the transport bar
  3. Select Key, and a dropdown menu will appear with different options
  4. Select your key, and press Save

Orba's Modes interact with the selected key a bit differently.

  • Bass Mode is monophonic, meaning only the most recent note is played at a given time.  It will play according to the key and scale selected in the app.

  • In Chord Mode, each of Orba’s pads triggers multiple notes simultaneously to form a chord in the selected key and scale of the song.

  • Lead Mode is a polyphonic (meaning you can play several different notes simultaneously). In most Lead presets, the pads are tuned to a pentatonic scale.  If you prefer the traditional major/minor scale, you can select the preset called "Orba Diatonic".

Once you have selected your key and scale, you are all set to make some jams!  If you connect to a Daw or other hardware, your key and scale translate through midi also.  You can find more on these topics in the online User Manual.