We're pleased to announce a new update for the Orba app. Please download here and make sure to update your Orba to the latest firmware to take advantage of these new features.

ORBA APP 0.15.36

What's new:

There’s a new Orba app in town with three new song templates (that’s four new presets each!)

“Lifelike” is inspired by real-world instruments. For instance, you’ll find an electric guitar-like Lead preset. There’s a tuba too. It’s “tu” much fun. 

“Back, Forth” includes a Drum preset with automatically repeating sounds. You’ll find that the snare, hats, and toms all have this experimental effect — something to keep you on your toes. 

Finally, craft something bouncy and bright with “Pieces.” It’s an energetic set of presets that sounds unlike anything else we’ve released. Don’t forget; you can mix and match these presets to make a song that is uniquely your own!

Aside from these additional sounds, a new notification will pop up if you accidentally connect an Orba 2 to the Orba 1 app. For now, Orba 2 and Orba 1 use different apps, which should help people get to where they need to go.

ORBA APP 0.15.31

Minor bug fixes

ORBA APP 0.15.27

We’re pleased to present two new Chord presets, including:

  • Soul Chords: Beautiful chords that include a lot of 7ths, 9ths, and 11ths – giving this organ-like sound a soulful feel.

  • And “Passage Chords,” inspired by vintage pop progressions and featuring a soft, breathy synth tone. 

There are also several bug fixes, including a firmware updating issue with macOS 12 Monterey Beta.

ORBA APP 0.15.25

  • New Presets

ORBA APP  0.15.23

  • UI improvements and minor bug fixes

ORBA APP 0.15.18

  • Windows USB connectivity improvements
  • Bug fixes

ORBA APP 0.15.14 

Song Saving

You can now save (and load) your creations using the Orba app! Your performance, presets, key, and tempo will be safe and sound until you’re ready to come back and continue working. You can even add custom artwork to your creations.

Metronome Switch

You can now toggle the metronome on and off using a switch in the app. Now you can tick-tock on TikTok all day long... or something. This requires Orba Firmware 0.15.2 or newer. 

Bug Fixes

  • When connecting Orba with the factory firmware (version 0.13.5), the app would sometimes crash on launch. We fixed this.
  • In some cases, Orba would become unresponsive during firmware updates; we fixed this too
  • Several Bluetooth connection improvements

Known Issues

  • Sometimes, when connected via USB to macOS, Songs and Presets will not load properly. You can quickly fix this by quitting and restarting the app.

ORBA APP 0.14.34

New Presets! 

• Enjoy "Faux," a new set of sound presets featuring more organic-inspired instruments. The Drum mode features oversized, open tones with subtle reverb. The melodic instruments (Bass, Chord, Lead) are reminiscent of wind- and string-like instruments. Wall of Sound here we come. 

• Also, there are two new gestural presets. With Vibrato Bass, Vibrato will affect your note's pitch by one whole semitone. With Tilt Lead, Tilting your Orba will raise your note's pitch by one semitone. 

Enable/disable Vibration

• Shake, rattle, and roll – only if you like. You can now turn on and off Vibration: Orba's internal haptic engine. Some players have requested an entirely silent playing experience (hats off to you, dorm room ninjas!). You can toggle this feature via the Settings panel – accessed by clicking the (A) in the app's upper right corner.

Other App Improvements

  • We now prompt iOS 14.2 users to update to iOS 14.3 (or anything newer).

  • The app will now reconnect via USB when there are timeouts due to idleness.

  • On macOS and Android, there is now a selection window to choose between USB or Bluetooth.

  • We fixed an issue where the USB connection on macOS Big Sur stopped working.

  • We fixed an issue where song key changes did not change Orba’s pad tuning.

Orba Improvements

In addition to updating your Orba app, please also update your instrument’s firmware for the most seamless playing experience.

Orba Firmware 0.14.15

  • Bluetooth now works on Android. 

  • We fixed a bug where disabling Orba sounds could cause a crash.

  • We fixed an issue where channel pressure was not being sent over Bluetooth.

  • We fixed a bug where pitch bend and aftertouch, when recorded as global CCs, could cause a crash.

  • Sometimes turning off Orba sounds, at the same time that notes were being played, could cause stuck notes. We fixed this.

  • Sometimes when notes crossed the loop boundary and you exited overdub mode, Orba would crash. We fixed this, too.

Update or download to get started:

iOS | Android | macOSWindows

ORBA APP 0.14.30


• Improved Bluetooth connection dialog

• Information for iOS 14.2 users when connecting Bluetooth


• Fixed an issue where the USB connection on macOS Big Sur stopped working

• Fixed an issue where song key changes did not change Orba’s pad tuning

ORBA APP 0.14.28


• Added “Mobile Midi Mode” to allow USB midi compatibility with Android. This mode shows only one midi input port for Orba instead of separate ports for Drum, Bass, Chord, and Lead. Requires firmware 0.14.11

• Ability to dismiss “firmware update required” pop-up


• Fixed firmware updater for Bluetooth issue in macOS Big Sur


Android only

• Some third-party music apps may not recognize Orba’s four MIDI input ports on USB.

ORBA APP 0.14.27

USB for Android Devices

As we move forward with developing Orba Beta Android app, we've enabled the use of a USB-C cable to connect to your device. You can still connect via Bluetooth to your Android device, but we wanted to provide a more stable, cabled connection as well. To connect via USB, scroll down to the bottom of the settings menu to "Orba Connection" and select USB. 

Bluetooth on Mac 

We have now re-enabled the Bluetooth connection to the Orba app on Mac computers. To connect to Mac, click the Orba icon in the upper right corner of the app. Happy wireless playing! 

New features
  • Orba can now connect to Android devices using a USB cable
  • Added switch to select USB or Bluetooth LE Midi connection
  • Orba can now connect to the Orba app on a Mac using Bluetooth LE Midi

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where Orba.properties could get corrupted and prevent song key and tempo editing
  • Windows app will disable openGL if it is too old instead of showing a black screen

Known Issues

Android only
Some third-party music apps may not recognize Orba’s four MIDI input ports on USB.

MacOS 11 Big Sur only
Please do not perform Orba firmware updates with macOS 11 Big Sur. Some driver issues will lead to Bluetooth not working anymore.

ORBA APP 0.14.21

Orba players, we’re pleased to present new software and firmware updates for your favorite little space grapefruit. ?

  • Enjoy new tunings! The Orba Diatonic tuning can be found in the Lead presets folder. Orba Open and Orba 7th can be found in the Chord presets folder. 

  • Orba will now put itself to bed. Leave Orba running for ten minutes and it will automatically power down. Feel free to disable this feature in the settings menu.

  • The app will now automatically detect if your Orba is in "DFU mode” and prompt a firmware update. In the unlikely event that your Orba becomes unresponsive or "bricked," this will make it easy to resurrect. 

  • We’re temporarily removing the Song Browser and song saving buttons. Song saving was causing unexpected behavior in other areas. This is a temporary fix and we look forward to bringing songs back, better than before. 

  • This update also includes major stability improvement across multiple devices.