Connecting to Garageband on MacOS 

Here is a step-by-step guide to connecting your Orba to Garageband. 

1. Connect your Orba to your computer. You can do this either with the provided USB-C cord that came with your Orba or using Bluetooth MIDI. For further instructions on how to connect your Orba via Bluetooth MIDI, you can check out This Article

2. You'll probably want to disable the sounds on Orba in order to use it as a MIDI controller. To do that, open the Orba desktop app and go to the Settings menu in the top right corner. You'll see an option to turn off Orba sounds in the top left of the menu. Note: this toggle will only work if you're connected via USB.

3. Let's head on over to Garageband. Open the application and create a new Software Instrument track. 

4. You're ready to go!

5. In addition to playing your Orba in Garageband, you can also toggle between playing the sound through your computer or through the Orba itself. Go to Garageband > Preferences and select the Audio/ MIDI window at the top of the menu. Though your Orba is connected, the input device will say System Setting. To change the output, select the Output Device menu and choose between playing the sound through your computer (System Setting) or your Orba (Artiphon Orba Speaker). 

Connecting to Garageband iOS

1. In GarageBand for iOS tap the Settings button (Gear Icon) in the control bar. On iPhone 8, iPhone 7, or iPhone 6s, tap the Settings button and then tap Song Settings.

2. Tap Advanced, then tap Bluetooth MIDI Devices.

3. Tap the name of the device you want to connect, then toggle the Connect switch on.

4. Load a software instrument such as Keyboard or Guitar.

5. Start playing. It's as simple as that.

For further resources on playing Orba with Garageband iOS, you can check out these videos from our Youtube channel.

Feel free to drop us a line in our support portal if you have any other questions about playing Orba with Garageband.