Right now, if you search "Orba" (or "Orba Artiphon") in the iOS App Store, you will see two of our apps: the Orba companion app and the Orbacam app. 

As similarly as they may look, they are different. This article is to list the key difference so that you download the correct app. 

First, there's the Orba by Artiphon app, which looks like this. 

This is the companion app for Orba, our handheld synthesizer, looper, and MIDI controller. Please note that you must have an Orba to use this app. This app allows you to change the song, keys, and presets, as well as save your creations made using the Orba. 

If you have any more questions about Orba, you can check out this link


Finally, there's the Orbacam by Artiphon app. Although this app is currently only available for iOS, you do not need an Orba to use this app.  

Orbacam is a brand new way for anyone to create music videos in seconds, even if they’ve never played an instrument before. You can simultaneously shoot video, make music, and add perfectly-synced visual effects with just a few taps. Orbacam lets you create on-the-fly musical selfies, soundtrack your world, and turn everyday moments into Fantasia-like dreamscapes. Add a beautiful melody to your coffee break in the park. Sync a driving beat to your skate video – with a song you made yourself. Or turn otherwise dull moments into musical jokes for your friends and followers. You can even score your memories by importing videos and photos right from your camera roll.