With the Orba 2 app, can record any sound from the real world and transform it into a playable musical instrument. From there, you can load your favorite samples onto the Orba 2, which can hold 2GB of user samples.

Here's how to record and make your own sample presets.

  1. Connect Orba 2 to the app via Bluetooth or USB.
  2. Navigate to the Sample screen in the app.
  3. Tap the Microphone icon to start recording.  Tap it again to stop recording.
  4. You can press the preview arrow to hear the recording played back.
  5. Give the preset a custom name by tapping in the name field.  (The default name is the current date.)
  6. Try playing the preview in different modes.  Those can be selected under the preset name field.
  7. Click save once you are done.

Here's how to send your sample to Orba 2.  

(You will need to turn off USB charging in the settings menu)

  1. Connect Orba 2 to the app via a USB-C cable.  (For iOS you'll need a Lightning to USB camera adapter. Then ensure that USB charging is turned off in the Orba 2 app settings.)

  2. Navigate to your sample preset and click the ellipses in the top right corner of the preset icon.

  3. Tap/click "Send to Orba".  Once it completes, an Orba icon will appear in the bottom left of the preset.

  4. Tap/click the preset, then select "Play"