V1.0.295  (All Platforms)

Keep those creative wheels turning because we’ve got new Stem Songs! Introducing Pixels and Fields. Start looping musical patterns with the touch of a finger by playing these Stem Songs indicated with a little stem icon. 

  • Pixels: These glitchy, electronic sounds will have you making songs that are straight-up weird and satisfying all at once. If Pixels were a person, they’d be the friend that creates the most niche Spotify playlists (Queue: “songs that sound like the color blue and bring out your bass face”) Be sure to check out the Bass preset in this one.

  • Fields: With these dreamy and soft acoustic guitar textures, you’ll be daydreaming your way into spring, no matter where in the world you’re looping from. 

Also, we’ve changed the way Stem Songs work: The Orba app will now help you safely stay in tempo and key and keep you sounding good. 

Artist Pages: Want to learn more about the amazing artists that helped create these sounds? We’ve got you covered with in-app artist bios. Follow their links to stream their music and follow them on socials. 

This build also includes several bug fixes, including fewer synchronizing dialogues - you’re all synced up, there’s no doubt about that. We’ve also sped up the USB-connection so you can start playing much more immediately.

V1.0.224  (All Platforms)

Let your creations run wild throughout the Orba-verse with Song Sharing! Share your musical concoctions (samples and all) via text, email, Whatsapp, or even Airdrop them to a buddy (or stranger, why not?) 

Tuning bug fixes: Just a minor bug with a major fix. We’ve ensured that presets are loaded onto your Orba in the correct key.

We made improvements to the connection stability. Orba 2 and the app are more like Thelma and Louise and less like Jack and Rose.

Enhanced error logging is for the behind-the-scenes magic. Just know that it helps us help you. 

This also includes UI bug fixes for Android.

V1.0.183  (macOS only)

Fixes firmware updates on macOS Ventura


And just like that, two new Stem Songs are here! Stems are an entirely new way to play Orba by triggering looping patterns with the touch of a finger. In addition to Kimbra’s Orba 2 Stem Song, we now have:

  • “Eyes on Me” by Annie Shred - Melt into the dark with this blend of electronic and rock. It features celestial-sounding vocals, metal screams, and virtuosic guitar. Time to start creating, all eyes on you.

  • “Sails” by Artiphon - Taken from recordings of a string quartet recorded in an old missile silo, a synthesizer created by combining radio frequencies and percussion created from traditional drum lines. Sails is a sonic voyage that explores the in-between of grounded rhythms and soaring textures.

Loading Songs and Presets is now much faster. When Orba 2 first launched, it took a while to send large samples from the app into Orba. Now, spend less time waiting and more time playing. To transfer samples, make sure to connect your Orba 2 via USB.


Introducing: Stem Songs - a completely new way to make music using loops and patterns! Load these experiences onto your Orba 2 from the Songs tab to start layering and looping. This update features a Stem Song from Kimbra’s new single “replay!”. Just look for the little ?, which indicates this new feature.  

New Songs and Presets will now appear in your app without having to do an entire update. If the app asks you to download new content, this is what that means. We did this because we’ll be adding more content than ever before. 

This update also includes several bug fixes.

v1.0.144 (Windows)

v1.0.146 (Android)

v1.0.154 (iOS and Mac)

Enjoy three new sets of artist presets, including…

  • Laura Escudé - Stringfun: An American artist, violinist, and certified music technology trainer who worked with us to create a collection of realistic string samples, including legato and staccato tones, percussive plucks, and other string-family sounds.

  • BPM Create – Estación Reggaeton: A sample pack that includes everything you need to make your next Latin pop radio hit. You’ll play percussion elements from around the globe, like steel drums, a Bachata-style guitar, synthy analog basses, and more.

  • Fakear – Voyager: A French DJ, musician, and electronic music producer whose custom Orba 2 song features vocal chops, ethereal textures, and bouncy bass. Many of Fakear’s songs are characterized by East Asian influences, with an emphasis on melody, transparency, and the focus on individual instruments.

This app update also includes several bug fixes, including many cosmetic issues (like screen sizing and missing UI elements.

1.0.104 (Android, Mac and PC)

1.0.110 (iOS)

  • More sounds! We’ve partnered with BPM Create (a mainstay for DJs and producers looking to get high-quality music) to create a new set of horror-themed presets. It features the sounds of a haunted house, an aggressive bass, some mysterious chords, and an 80s style synth lead. Welcome to the Starmall, where nothing is as it seems.

  • Song Saving is here. You can now save (and load) your creations using the Orba 2 app. Your performance, presets, key, and tempo will be safe and sound until you’re ready to come back and continue working.

  • This app version includes several other bug fixes.


Please be sure to update your firmware as well.

  • A progress bar has been added to show when your Orba is synchronizing with the app. For the first connection that can take up to a minute on a USB connection and up to 5 minutes on a Bluetooth LE Midi connection

  • Bug fixes

Known Issues:

[Android only] Importing audio files for custom presets does not work. We are working on a fix.


This is Artiphon’s new companion app for Orba 2 that lets you:

  • Connect your Orba 2 wirelessly using MIDI over Bluetooth 

  • Explore and play hundreds of new sounds, as well as change keys, and tunings

  • Record entire songs and loops with Drum, Bass, Chord, and Lead parts

  • Create your own instruments and sample any sound in the world

  • Customize your sounds by adjusting individual part volume, add reverb and delay, and more

  • Perfect your song by adding Quantize, which snaps your musical phrases to the beat so that every moment fits perfectly into the groove.

The Orba 2 app allows you to choose between over a hundred new audio-based presets. Including sounds inspired by genres like Trap, RnB, Electro-pop, Lofi, and more. With Orba 2, you can now play instruments like electric guitars and upright pianos, as well as more adventurous sounds like vocals, found sounds, and custom artist songs. Imagine conducting an orchestra in the park with no strings attached and no screens required.

We’re also pleased to be introducing an all new sampling feature, which lets you make your own instruments. With the press of a button in the Orba 2 App, everything around you can be turned into an Orba preset. A bicycle bell, a bird singing, or your roommate’s amazing voice can all be played, looped, and shared as a musical melody. Transferring your sample from your device to Orba 2 requires a cabled USB connection.

You’ll also use your Orba 2 app to explore the new quantize feature, which snaps your musical phrases to the beat so that every moment fits perfectly into the groove. In addition, you’ll be able to mix the volume of your individual parts, add reverb and delay, and more.

But wait, there’s more!  Stay tuned for additional features (like song saving) coming soon.  

This app is only compatible with Orba 2 by Artiphon. If you are looking for the Orba 1 app, search for “Orba 1” in the app store.