Song sharing is caring! You can conveniently share your musical concoctions with a friend with Orba 2's sharing options.  You can select Audio or MIDI depending on your creative workflow!

Here's how to share a song.

(It's always good practice to save your work before sharing, so hit that save button!)

1- Click/Tap on the sharing icon.

2- A new menu will appear allowing you to select what you would like to share.  At the top of the screen, you can select either Audio or MIDI.  

  • Audio will export a stereo .wav file.
  • MIDI will export a .mid file that will include channels for each mode in the song.  Then you can use the MIDI data in your favorite DAW to expand your creation further!

3- Towards the bottom of the screen, select how many times you would like your song to loop (if more than once) using the -/+ buttons.  The song time length will adjust as you add loops.

4- Then click SHARE!  (Depending on your operating system, your sharing options will vary.)

Happy sharing!