Pressing the (A) button once will sequentially cycle through each of the four main modes (Drums, Bass, Chord, and Lead). 

  • Starting in Lead mode, press the (A) button once. Now you are in Drum mode!

Holding the (A) button turns it into a versatile function or menu button, akin to the shift key on a computer. When you need to access the different features written along the binding of Chorda (like Record, Play, BPM, Octave, etc.), you'll use the (A) button to do so.

  • Hold (A) and tap Pad 3 (Chord). No matter what mode you started in, you've now jumped to Chorda mode!

Using the (A) button, you can complete each of these functions: 

Switch to Drum mode(A) + Pad 1 (DRUM)
Switch to Bass mode(A) + Pad 2 (BASS)
Switch to Chord mode(A) + Pad 3 (CHORD)
Switch to Lead mode(A) + Pad 4 (LEAD)
Change PresetWhile holding (A), press Pad 1-4 to select your Mode. Then press Bridge up or down to change to the next or previous preset for that Mode.
Change SongWhile holding (A), press Pad 9 (SONG). Then press Bridge up or down to change to the next or previous Song.
Toggle Arp on/off(A) + Pad 6 (ARP)
Record(A) + Pad 11 (REC)
Close a loop while recording(A)
Stop recording(A) + Pad 11 (REC)
Play/pause loop(A) + Pad 12 (Play/Pause)
Restart playback from the beginning of loopHold (A) + Pad 12 (Play/Pause) for 2 seconds).
Clear the loop on the current modeHold (A) + Pad 10 (CLEAR) for 2 seconds.
Clear all loops (in every mode)Hold (A) + Pad 10 (CLEAR) for 4 seconds
Change BPMHolding (A), press Pad 7 (BPM). Then press Bridge up or down to adjust tempo. Or, tap out your tempo by holding A and tapping Pad 7 (BPM).
Octave upHolding (A), press Pad 5 (OCT). Then, press Bridge up.
Octave downHolding (A), press Pad 5 (OCT). Then, press Bridge down.
Change volume of selected partHolding (A), press volume up or down. (Ex. If you want to change the volume of Drum mode only, while in Drum mode, hold (A) and increase or decrease volume.)