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General MIDI support for Orba/Orba 2


I would like to know if there are plans to include presets for a General midi synth for the Orba and/or Orba 2.  That would facilitate playback of general midi files with great sound quality (much better than a built in GM synth in Windows)!

I would be very surprised if they could do this. Right now, the presets are stored in the app and downloaded to the Orba one at a time as needed. They could certainly create all of the GM presets in the app and you could select the appropriate ones, but to have them all stored on the Obra would take a lot more hardware support in the Orba.

@Donald, it's not quite what you're looking for but you may be interested in trying out Orbasynth.  You can run is as a virtual synth on your computer and play it using an Orba, Orba 2, INSTRUMENT 1 or standard midi controller.

@Gabriel, all of Orba 2s stock presets are stored in the app and on the device.  If you create a sample preset, however, you'll need to make a one-time transfer over to Orba 2.  In the preset browser you'll see icons (folder and/or Orba) on the bottom left of each preset .  This indicates where that particular preset is currently located.  As for GM definitions, our drum presets follow standard GM guidelines.

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