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Orba 2 - won't power on out of the box

I was so excited to unbox the new Orba2 when it arrived yesterday. But it wouldn't power on. Charged overnight, still won't power on.

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I had to plug mine into my PC with the USB-C cable and then it turned on.   I'm having a similar problem where if I turn it off and let it sit for awhile it won't turn on unless I plug it into my PC.   I'm not sure what the problem is yet.

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Same problem with mine.  Sometimes it powers up but I don’t know how or why.  Most times it won’t power up.  Tech support gave me info on how to charge it ( it’s fully charged) so there’s definitely something wrong that they don’t have a fix for. 

I have the same problem. It takes for ever to power up like it has a dead battery. I tried the computer and it then worked. Not sure if the computer is a red herring. It just took forever to get it to power on and the instructions say push power button until it does. Well that is deceiving. You feel like an idiot after a few minutes. Makes no sense.

I'm starting to think the orba 2 really doesn't shut off and the battery starts to get low which requires you to plug it in.    I'm wondering if this is from the last firmware update.

I'd also make sure USB Charging is turned On in the APP. It is only needs to be turned off when loading samples.   I think  it also should be plugged into a USB 3.0 port so it receives more current. I Left mine turned on while plugged into a USB 2.0 Port on a raspberry pi and it decharged overnight.

There's a couple different issues here, and I want to do my best to address each one: 

If your Orba is not turning on upon arrival, reach out to for instructions on getting a warranty replacement. 

If anyone is experiencing issues with the battery (ie it only turns on sometimes), try using a wall charger to give Orba 2 some gas.  As Bruce mentioned, there is a switch on the settings page to turn on USB charging if you are using a computer.  Note that if it was turned off, you'll have to use a wall charger.  

If the issue persists, open and support ticket and we'll get you sorted.

No power new out of box, no response using hard reset, no change after charging in wall charger, tried Mac app usb connect, no response to power button or after following DFU reset instructions, does this mean brand new unit is dead on arrival, anything else to try, request replacement or just request return and refund?

I am having this same issue as well.  I cannot get the device to power on after it has sat for a few hours without plugging it into a PC.  I've tried the troubleshooting steps for the DFU mode, but it does not seem to do anything except make me update the firmware again.  Opened a ticket, so I guess we will see what happens.

After a few emails with tech support, they replaced my unit.  New unit seems to be ok so far.  

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I opened a ticket, so I guess we will see what happens.  Kind of disappointed as I just received the unit yesterday.

Sent mine in for warranty exchange, seems like this recent batch of shipments might all have the same power issue.  We’ll see what happens when I get the replacement.  Support was very easy to work with and get my replacement process started.

Also having this issue out of the box and I've tried every port and cable as well as every recommendation on every thread about this I've seen. Artiphon seems to have a major quality control issue. This is exceedingly common with Orba 2.

Check if your Orba2 can connect via Bluetooth. Mine had faulty Bluetooth which was somehow preventing firmware updates from completing. They are shipping me a new one.

That is an interesting possibility.

I was able to get it to connect to my Android via Bluetooth, but every time I tried to change one of the presets it would say it was disconnected.  Is that what yours was doing?

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