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Exporting MIDI

So I created something on my Orba and loaded it into the iOS app on my ipad. I am then able to share the midi file so I email that to myself and try to load that into Audacity or even Ableton and it won't import it into either. When I save it as a audio file and try to import that in I get something about corrupt file type or not supported file type. Any suggestions on what I have to do? 

Thanks for following up on this. MIDI exporting isn’t available just yet. Our development team is still working on it. 

In the meantime, if you’re wanting to play your songs from your Orba in a DAW, we’d recommend using the Channel-Per-Part MIDI setting in the app, which we’re currently working on a tutorial for. 

Up. Midi export still not available?

Not yet, unfortunately. Now that song saving has been reinstalled, this is a feature that our development team is currently working on and hoping to include in a future update. 

Up. Midi export still not available?

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I suspect that the "audio share" is some sort of compressed representation of the song, rather than an audio rendering of it.  Hopefully someone will update the manual soon so that we can find out how share/import works.

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