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Orba Noise Floor

Orba's mini jack is a headphone out, which is, meh, but necessary. The problem is that the noise floor on it is very high. I have my volume at ~85% on the Orba, preamp gain at ~0%, and the software fader gain is at 0dB and the noise on the line is -30dB to -15dB. That's the swing, the average is probably around -18dB, Anyone else have this experience?

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Hiss or hum?  If hum, can you figure out the frequency?  Don't have mine yet so I can't check.

Was it plugged into a USB port at the same time? That can introduce noise sometimes.

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Massive difference to remove the USB connection. I will look around for a ferrite core to put on the cable. Has anyone tried one, or have you used a ground loop isolator on the headphone out?

Same here the white noise coming out of the headphone jack is incredibly loud... is that supposed to be normal?

I hear a constant quite annoying and kinda loud white noise (hissing, like water flowing, rain) when the earplugs are in; USB-C port connected or not.

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I’ve seen this mentioned by a number of users. Can it eventually be resolved via firmware update?

for me it depends on which headphones I plugged in. some are brutally loud with others it is absolute calm

i have the same problem.. any help? it's quite annoying thanks

I am experiencing the same issue. The background hiss is really loud wearing headphones (active and passive ones). It's not as bad when recording, as I can turn up the volume to improve the signal-to-noise ratio.

There is absolutely no noise on the speaker and the noise temporarily changes with the LEDs. Could this be an EMI/coupling issue?

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I wanted to add that this is happening with USB-C unplugged. I have not tested it while charging.

Is there something that I could change, or is it a hardware issue on my unit and I should get a replacement from the seller?

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