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Exporting MIDI

So I created something on my Orba and loaded it into the iOS app on my ipad. I am then able to share the midi file so I email that to myself and try to load that into Audacity or even Ableton and it won't import it into either. When I save it as a audio file and try to import that in I get something about corrupt file type or not supported file type. Any suggestions on what I have to do? 

Registered just to add my vote to the 'please update this or open it up' crowd. It doesn't need to be prettty, just functional. My Orba literally has dust on it currently, but I would put it to use in a heartbeat if I could add my own sounds/other features. Heck, I'd pay another $15 for that function. Just please no more incremental updates or you risk losing the goodwill of people who are currently supporters. 

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Joshua Gifford started this topic 2 years ago. 

Artiphon, wake up.

2 years!!!

Are there any updates for this?

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Will midi/song export be available with Orba2. If not, where is the .mid data file stored locally on MacOS for the Orfba app?

I'm really hoping to use Orba2 as a remote creative midi/sampler that can also be a midi controller vs a phone. app.

Just got my new Orba 2 for chrizmiz, it's great but along with the people on this thread I'm struggling to output my loops as midi files. I can record the midi to my Daw but that's a real faff and seems to have no time sync. Is this really not possible? Just want to save as midi! With this small addition the Orba will come into its own as a really useful tool.

Gentle ping about saving/exporting. Orba 1 is an excellent product, but I would like to save my first songs somewhere outside app, so I can later scare my friends with them )

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