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compatibility between Orba1 and Orba2

Does anyone know if whatever i create/save/do in the original Orba functions right in Orba2? I hate to even have to ask this because the answer should be yes

Unfortunately I;ve had to cancel my Orba2 order..It is beyond annoying the ship date kept getting pushed back and I still have no way of knowing when I will get mine...Plus reports indicate that the apps are riddled with issues.

So I am thinking to just use Orba1 as a Midi controller in Bitwig Studio and then perhaps buy Orba 2 if they ever fix their software/firmware issues.

Also is there any advantage to using Orba2 over Orba1 if only using it as a midi controller? Thanks!

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I see no advantage to the O2 over the O1 if you are only using it as a MIDI controller. 

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