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Custom Drum Presets

Hi Artiphon,

Any updates on whether/when there will be added functionality to the Orba 2 app allowing for user-customizable drum presets? I realize there are only 2gb of space available, but would love even just 2-4 customizable preset slots on the desktop app where I could assign all 9 keys. I primarily use my Orba 2 for on-the-go songwriting, and having a drum kit that matches the sound(s) I'm going for would be huge.

I realize that in order for the functionality to fully transfer on iOS, the user would probably need to send the drum sample files with unmodified file names to the associated preset folder on their phone. I've already done this with custom bass presets from OrbaSynth and I don't think it would be a problem for anyone with mid-level technical prowess. I think this feature would exponentially boost the value of the Orba 2 for anyone interested in quick, on-the-go production.

I'm about to write another request/problem I'm having with OrbaSynth, which is otherwise incredibly useful from a production standpoint. Planning on making a youtube review video as well. Thanks for keeping the updates coming, super excited for what's to come!

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Trying to track an issue when sample stops transposing  in some note range, while  pitch is not  negative.

(To my understanding negative pitch means static pitch,  where it does not transpose)

Sidequest findings, while trying find out where it could go wrong:

1)  Orba2 custom preset created by stock method, while generating preset from one single sample - still converts it  to several transposed samples, with a octave (12 semitones)  distance between them.

Does it mean that there is a limitation on the pitch shifting  for more than 12 semitones in orba's  internal engine?

2) Maximum current factory sample  set folder size is 19.7 Mb (Poolside Chords)

3) Maximum current factory sample  size is 1.8 mb ( BPM Horror Drone from BPM Horror drums)

By maximum size I mean maximum known working size, not some sort of limit I'd bumped into.

Guys, is there any knowledge on how orba actually decides which samples to play  when in drum mode?

Looks like I understand how it works for all other types of instruments, but in case of drums end up with wrong samples playing, and it does not make any sense to me.

Seems like KitPatch should do something with that, but sure how it works.

Looks like amount of  SampleDrumPatch  elements always matches amount of "groups" in sampleMap and velocityThresholds. 

Probably SampleDrumPatch    note and midiNote do override of some sort for each  such group, but I am not still sure how exactly it works.

For example, in Jive drums there are multiple  
SampleDrumPatch    records with the same note "48" somehow, and it does not make any sense to me yet.

Some statistics for SampleDrumSound elements across all drum presets:


known values from 0 to 15, avg value: 6.525333333333333


known values from 0 to 1, avg value: 0.008


known values from 87 to 252, avg value: 200.328


known values from 0 to 255, avg value: 14.661333333333333


known values from 0 to 179, avg value: 8.576


known values from 0 to 4, avg value: 0.33066666666666666


known values from 0 to 255, avg value: 12.773333333333333


known values from 0 to 255, avg value: 8.130666666666666


known values from 0 to 244, avg value: 7.253333333333333


known values from 0 to 0, avg value: 0.0


known values from 0 to 0, avg value: 0.0


known values from 0 to 0, avg value: 0.0


known values from 0 to 130, avg value: 1.2106666666666666


known values from 0 to 100, avg value: 1.0506666666666666


known values from 0 to 24, avg value: 15.346666666666666

Not sure it is like very important information, but I've noticed that I am actually trying to see this pattern manually when reviewing all the  presets manually, so why note automate this information gathering.


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