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Orba 2 - UK availability...?

I ordered an Orba 2 from Gear4Music back in July. Delivery is currently showing as 21st Oct, but I don't believe it because they've already set it back half a dozen times. 

Gear4Music is the only UK outlet listed on the Artiphon shop page...but have they ever had any...? WIll they ever have any...? I'm wondering whether to cancel and re-order from Thomann...?

We’ve become aware of this issue with some Orba 2s that went out.  We’re doing our best to get them replaced for everyone, no matter where they show up.  Your retailer should be happy to replace it for you again.  Please keep us in the loop via email at

I’ve been sent a unit with the power issue by Gear4Music.

The replacement unit has the same problem.

I’m starting to think Artiphon offloaded a faulty batch to the UK so they wouldn’t have to deal with replacements themselves 

...yes, it looks like I mis-timed that. Too late now, it's already been reallocated. Oh well, it'll give Artiphon and @Subskybox some time to fix the software...;-)

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I have received my Orba 2 replacement a few days back. Bluetooth is now working. My observations so far:

  • Much better selection of sounds out of the box. I haven't tried to make my own (OrbaSynth) or tried to customize Chords or Scales yet. The file format is different from Orba 1
  • Quantization works well but there is no control over snap values yet
  • Sound quality is slightly more poor than Orba 1. Maybe they lowered the specs so that the samples aren't too big
  • The software is poor. Nice looking interface but I need to combine Windows/Mac/iOS versions to accomplish all the things I need.
  • Cannot save songs yet. I can deal with that for now since I'm still experimenting but I would never invest much time into a song at this point.
Personally I'm getting the sense that there were some hardware issues with the initial batch so they have limited distribution to North America where returns/exchanges are cheaper for them to manage.

@BJG145 Looking forward to a time when we can really tweak this thing but that might be 6 months to a year or more

They're in stock right now, though it may be just pre-orders; I spoke to G4M this afternoon, and also got a DHL confirmation that mine's on its way. I've always found them very good. But I think the stock has literally only just arrived.

I can see why Artiphon chose Gear4Music as their outlet. They're as bad as each other.

I asked Gear4Music what was happening with deliveries. No answer.

Cancelled the order. No answer.

Unbelievably bad service all round. I'm getting an Exquis instead. 

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