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Learning to Count

@Artiphon Team

With the very welcome possibility to record up to 128 bars on the Orba 2 comes a tough conundrum: how to keep track of where we are!

While on the Orba 1 the 8 green LEDs did a good job at keeping us situated, that is not the case with the Orba 2 when letting our creativity go wild for about 5 minutes, specially if not sticking to a rigid 4 or 8 bar chord progression for the duration.

To overcome this difficulty and assuming that it is technically possible to implement it, I would suggest having a real time bar and beat counter on the app.

And because asking for stuff from other people comes easy… while you’re at it, why not also add the possibility to scrub through our creations, thus allowing us to go straight to a specific bar?

I could keep asking for stuff the whole day but I just don’t want to push my luck. Thanks in advance!

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