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Song Sharing

Its great that Orba 2 can now Save songs but if I want to send a fellow Orba 2 Creator my masterpiece, there doesn't appear to be an easy way to do this (especially with required custom samples). It looks like its been considered from this screenshot in the manual:


Also, many find it a bit odd that the Save function is hidden in the Play tab. First instinct is the Songs Tab.

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Hi, I just ordered an Orba 2 and I’m worried about it not having a feature to share songs from the Orba 2 to a computer/device. This feature is a must!

You can Save your songs to your computer and reload them later. But so far you cannot send a song (email or other) to another person to load your song.

I agree with Subskybox - it is a bit confusing. Of course, You can save your song and after that send it to another person in your prefered way.

How do you save songs to your computer? I am connected using the Mac and I don't see an option to save the song?

And similarly "Share" from the phone exports a wav file but its only 20kb and obviously doesn't play.

To Krsna Day: don't know about Mac - didn't connect Orba to it yet - but I "Shared" on my PC and iPad - WAV file saves and plays as intended.

Cool. I got it to share the wav file through the phone but the song doesn’t sound the same, even when I export longer than 30 seconds. For example it’s missing some of the layers. Has this happened to you? Does the exported song sound the same as what plays over the orba2 speaker?
I've had no luck sharing a song. The wav file that is created is not even close. When will this be fixed?

Orba 2 app v1.0.224 has been released. It enables song sharing. Song sharing  renders the song that is on your Orba 2 in the app and exports it as an audio or midi file. On iOS or Android you can share directly using the share tray.

hi there, On windows 11, the app get stucked in the "saving your song" wheel and nothing happens.


In addition with the unusability of the android app.. i'm pretty disappointed.

Raffaele, open up a ticket and I'll take a look at what's happening.  Send in your log files also.  You can access those from the settings page of the app.

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