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I noticed that the Forums now have tags for Planned, In Progress, Deferred and Implemented. Recently "Song Saving" was Implemented! :) Yeah!

That said, I do not see anything labelled Planned, In Progress or Deferred. I think many of us want to know what's coming on the roadmap. Is there anything you can share?

Some of are quite ambitious to get new features out and it would be good to know what's coming so that we don't develop some features ourselves only to find out that Artiphon has added them into the app themselves.

Chord & Scale editing are things many would love to see.. Maybe Arpegios? If there is anything that can be shared (timelines not necessary), that would be awesome!

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We have't quite figured out how to use the tags yet.  Some forum posts gradually morph into several issues, so it may take some time to get the forum tidy enough to properly tag topics.  I really wish I could share where things are headed with Orba and Orba 2, but I can't.  We are working on some highly requested features at the moment.    

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