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Creating Stem Songs

Dear Orba 2 team, Is there a way for us to make our own Stems and Stem songs? Are they REX loops? If the sampler can add wav files, I imagine it could add Acidized loops or some other tempo-synched format…

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It is possible but requires some hacking. I really hope Artiphon will develop OrbaSynth to be able to create your own stems.

Here is a little Christmas stem demo I made:

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hi Subskybox,
could you make a tutorial of the hacking- part?
would love to be able to make my own stems!

@Leo I've been thinking about making a little demo/tutorial. Do you have any samples for that? I don't have anything ready. Are you on Windows or Mac?

that would be great!
i'm on windows.. i also dont have any samples ready yet. maybe you can use some from for now?

Should have something done this week

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Wow, thanks so much!!!

Looks like Artiphon has made some changes to Stems including a new file format: .artistem files. I'm curious where this is headed. 

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