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Can I play Orba 2 audio through my mac audio interface over USB

Can I connect my Orba 2 to my mac over usb and have it play on the speakers connected to my audio interface?

The Orba app has a setting for which output to use and my audio interface shows up. The "Test" button plays a test tone though it, but Orba 2 doesn't play through it.

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I just created a ticket for this same question/issue. I'll post a response after I get one.

At this time, audio over USB is not a feature of Orba 2.  However, this is something we can look into.  Thanks for reaching out!

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Hey, so what is the soundcard settings in the app for than? There is also no hint in the manual (or I'm blind and can't find it... )  

The sound card options are there because of Orba 2s sampling ability.  By selecting your input and output, you will be choosing your input for sampling and the output for previewing the sample before saving it as a preset.

Please can you make audio over USB a thing! that would be epic and would free up 2 inputs. If this is something that is possible PLEASE encourage the team! Thanks :) -Scott

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