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Hi - My name is Steve Grimes. Just unboxed my Orba 2 today. Going through the short introductory videos on You Tube. When I got to 'press the A button and 6 (rec)' to start recording, I hit a snag. Pressing that 2 button combo starts a fast, involved loop that I can't seem to stop. At any rate, I can't record. I'm sure I've done something wrong, but can't find out what.

Probably you might trying to the A+6(rec) combo and shaking orba while still pressing the combo, until yellow lights will blink on all pads. This clears the existing loop.

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Thanks. That worked. Now if I could just get the thing to turn on all the time. I have to unplug from my PC and plus into a wall charger to turn it on. Then I unplug from the wall and back into the PC. It's a pain.

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