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Latest Songs & Presets - OMG!!!

The latest stem-based songs and presets are AWESOME!!! These really show the power of the Orba 2. I can't wait for Artiphon to make the tools for creating these presets available to us. I think we might be able to do all of this with the tools we already have, but I'm not sure about the percussion stuff. They have created stems, that is complete track segments, for each pad for each mode. Some of the stems are even sneakier. Some of the pads for some of the presets alternate between two different stems each time you tap them! There isn't a way to set that up using the current sampling tools. Very slick.

>>Some of the pads for some of the presets alternate between two different stems each time you tap them! 

Interesting, could you please tell in which preset I can find that?  It could be useful for some hang drum preset I am trying to make.

They don't actually alternate.. I thought the same at first too. It's just the velocity threshold is right in the middle so it's almost random. Any of the new Stem Presets have this (e.g. Annie Shred or Kimbra).

@Ignis32: Basically a Stem is where loopStart = "0" and loopEnd != "0"

*sigh*  Hoped for a second. I had looked into that preset internals when they arrived, but thought  for a  second that I had missed randomization. Could be a cool feature for making instruments less synthetic with randomized sample variants 

Regarding stems I can add only two things:

1)  I think that for using Orba actively in that direction, for predefined loops,  there should be some kind of a time stretch/adaptation  to BPM with pitch compensation. As far as I understand, as soon as samples are just static,  even a slight change in BPM, makes them off  the rhythm grid. Without loops adapting to BPM you can still squeeze some use of such loops,  but is too limiting.

2) Could be great to have some bread and butter drum phrases like amen break in this format, Actually we can try customizing that stuff.

Might not have randomness, but even velocity sensitive selection of stems is VERY cool.

Yes the stems are cool but I agree they are quite limited on Orba (so far). If you read in the description of the stems it will say something like:

  • "These presets work best at 148 BPM and in the key of G minor."
This is because they are recorded at that tempo and in that key. I don't think the Orba 2 is powerful enough to speed up and slow down samples while retaining pitch, therefor we are encouraged to use those constraints if we want to add additional non-stem parts on the other modes.

I like the idea of having some bread & butter drum loops and the 'Amen" is the classic. Here pitch doesn't matter as much. The pitch could actually be set to a value other than "-1" for these and they would speed up and slow down as you change the key (although I haven't tried this yet).

also they are not royalty free. this to me is the great issue with them. 

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