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BUG: Orba 2 iOS app activates the microphone when not recording

# Observed behaviour

Just noticed when I unlocked my iPad and the Orba 2 app was open, that my bluetooth headset went straight into call mode (and indeed, iOS was registering microphone usage). Replicated by opening the app again. On the “Play” tab, if that matters, both times.

The behaviour is inconsistent, I just opened it a 4th time and it didn’t turn on the mic.

This is annoying because a fair few bluetooth headsets have a “call mode” that activates when the mic is on, and it interrupts anything else playing on the device. Also, from a user trust and security point of view, please don’t activate the mic when not strictly needed.

# Expected behaviour

The microphone should only be on when recording a sample.

# Environment

iPadOS 15.6.1

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No different on android actually. Microphone is activated all the way along while orba2 app is running. Have an unpleasant feeling being wiretapped. Did not mention it before, as there are more serious issues to fix.

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