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Deleting an obstinate preset

I have a custom made preset (lead) that I can't delete.

My first version of this preset worked but when I loaded a slightly change version I found the image for the preset was blank (it wasn't before) and if I attempt to play it the app crashes.

I remade the preset - checking anything I thought might have caused a problem but I can't load it and I cannot delete the existing version on the Orba as the delete option in the app is greyed out.

I've previously dealt with that situation previously (forgot to toggle read only parameter) by loading an adjusted version but I can't do that here. It's not a read only issue this time.

Does anyone know if I can do a reset that will remove anything that isn't in the factory image (I don't mind losing other things), or a way of deleting the preset in some other way?

The Orba 2 works fine - but it's annoying to have this duff icon on the app.

I forgot to mention that trying to play the preset crashes the app (Windows 11), and I only get a play option - other times I have had a choice to play the version in the app or on the orba - but not with this one.


@David Benton

Please reach me at < my-nickname at this forum>  
I have some solution for you on your problem.

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I got the problem fully sorted out. I found the mistakes I had made, but why the Orba 2 behaved quite how it did seems rather strange.

 @Ignis32 thanks for your help

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