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Orba 2 app v1.0.224 adds Song Sharing

Orba 2 app v1.0.224

Let your creations run wild throughout the Orba-verse with Song Sharing! Share your musical concoctions (samples and all) via text, email, Whatsapp, or even Airdrop them to a buddy (or stranger, why not?) 

Tuning bug fixes: Just a minor bug with a major fix. We’ve ensured that presets are loaded onto your Orba in the correct key.

We made improvements to the connection stability. Orba 2 and the app are more like Thelma and Louise and less like Jack and Rose.

Enhanced error logging is for the behind-the-scenes magic. Just know that it helps us help you. 

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Some technical background for those interested: We are actually running an identical instance of the audio engine and the looper that runs on the Orba 2 hardware in the app so that the app can render the song identical to what is happening on the Orba 2 hardware. I heard people saying it would be easy to do.... :-)

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Hi how do I open a shared song in orba2? Someone sent me one via email and it shows as a midi file ? How do I get this midi file into my orba2 ? Thanks

The song sharing feature currently allows to save and share your Orba song as an audio file that can be played by any music player app or as a midi file, which contains the 4 midi tracks, notes, and controllers. They are intended to share your music in high quality with anyone without needing an Orba or using your Orba creation in your music

production. That is where the midi comes in handy, midi can be used to put on an instrument track in a DAW, like Garage Band, to play all the notes into different synths or other midi instruments. Audio and midi are not meant to be loaded to an Orba. You could, theoretically, load the audio share to your Orba 2 with the import function in the sample tab of the app.

Has anyone been able to successfully share from an iOS app? It just spins and spins for me but never completes the export.
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