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Mute/unmute parts function

Hi! I would find mute/unmute parts extremely useful. Any plan to implement it? That way, while your 'performing' you can have an only lead part for example. Maybe a press the A button + two taps in the specific button (bass, chord, etc) to mute/unmute would work great Thanks and keep the great work!!

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I completely agree, it is such a necessary function for any song making performance device and would seem quite easy to find a unused command like the A + 2 taps or A + Hold 1sec? This lacking feature renders the ORBA virtually useless for performance and even live take recording. I am honestly baffled it is not availiable yet and not many are mentioning? Is the Orba a much smaller niche than I thought? I love my orba, despite so many glitches, extremely low battery life and the skipping that occurs when ever switching instruments during recording. I own the Orba 1 & 2 and the Orba 1 has way less skipping when switching parts while recording. And I find the Orba 1 to sound and play much tighter. If the Orba 2 played sounded like the Orba 1 and had the Mute/ Unmute live arrangement capabilities it would honestly takeover a whole new musical territory and become an instant mass adopted trend. I am sure of it. Holding it back is it's glitching when switching and lack of mute. Rendering it incapable of liver performance. Such a pity and truly disappointing. I still use it for all the other things it can do for me like being a great instrument when recording and a controller, song inspiration and more. But I dream of the day it is complete with these missing pieces!

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