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3/4 Time

I love playing my Orba 2, but I frequently find myself wishing that I could make loops with a 3/4 time signature. It would be great to have to possibility to choose other time signatures along with the key and tempo.

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I would second this idea. Unfortunately it is typical of hardware and software makers to ignore alternative time signatures. 7/8 and 5/4 are not difficult - they just take a bit of getting used to. Even 4/4 is quite often  played as 9/8 with a beat chopped off at the end after all. (10/8 as 2 3's and 2 2's is rather cool, I think.) But 3/4 should be a basic inclusion taken for granted.

(I was once playing around with playing I Heard It Through The Grapevine on guitar and a friend asked if I had realised I was playing it in 7/8. I hadn't. So it can't be that hard for people!)

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