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Cannot get Orba 2 to work as a standard midi controller in iOS


i bought my Orba 2 to use primarily as a portable travel-sized MIDI controller to create musical sketches on my iPad.

I am already running into issues using it on my iPad, with AUM.

I am attempting to use it to control the input for the ScaleBud AU3 plugin.

This is an audio unit which allows the user to play hundreds of different modal scales.

I have set up ScaleBud to play the modified scale content via a virtual piano instrument. 

When I connect my standard usb keyboard, it all works fine. The keyboard only plays the notes of the modified scale. Yay!

However, when I replace my usb keyboard input with my Orba 2 via usb, there is no longer any sound produced.

Could anyone advise me as to what factors I might be overlooking? Is there any reason why this shouldn’t work in principle? 

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