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Can Orba 2 be used to live stream audio to a DAW?

I'm not talking about using midi. I want to use it as a shaker or other other synth sounds generated by internal syntesizer, and be able to record it into my daw.

The save a file and send is not really useful for anyone with homestudio as you would want it live streaming. Is it possible over bloototh or USB, or even connect it to I/O card?


At this time, you cannot.  We are experimenting with being able to send audio via USB cable so it would show up as an audio input.  But I don't have a timeline on that.  As for Bluetooth, Orba 2 doesn't support Bluetooth Audio. Bluetooth Audio requires much more bandwidth than MIDI over Bluetooth and has a much higher latency (>100ms). This means that you’d hear the sound noticeably later than when you touch the instrument, which makes it nearly impossible to play in time.  In the meantime, we'd recommend utilizing the 1/8" output to line in to your audio interface.  

Thank you for the promt reply!

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