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Flat and Sharp Notes

I'm using Orba (2) for the first time today and having fun but I need help. How can use the Orba to play sharp/flat notes from each instrument?

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I have held off from commenting on this because I feel it's a question Artiphon should answer and explain.

That said I have created a few presets that work as chromatic presets (look in the thread "Orba 2 Custom Preset Repository"). However there are limitations and it's not ideal. They work better with some sounds than others, and it limits what can be done with other gestures. It can be applied to both synth and sample based presets but it's generally better with synth based ones.

I won't be making a load (or possibly any) more versions of existing presets because:

a) they are preset sounds I wouldn't use myself and it would be tiresome to do,

b) some sounds are not really suitable,

c) it's not too hard for others to work out how to modify presets like this for themselves. (Look at the "Orba 2 Hacking Knowledge Base" thread.) I would hope that by doing this they may be inspired to discover other tricks they can create for the Orba and share them here for others to enjoy and learn from.



I came here because I also have this query although I haven't bought the Orba 2 yet. My thoughts are that I'm going to wait for the v3 because this absolutely is crying out for 5 more buttons to accommodate the sharp and flat notes. I also decided to hold off as I heard that you cannot save tracks you create either. Apart from that I love the concept and will wait for improvements before I jump in.

Just realised that save has been implmeneted. Effectively without 13 buttons, it makes composing anything that isn´t in the C major scale very cumbersome. Do we think a v3 will come anytime soon?

If you're looking for a chromatic octave, I think you need a different instrument an Organelle maybe, or a Dualo. :-)

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