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Two octaves? Chromatic?

After much experimenting, there are two ways of getting two octaves (without resorting to A+key8) on the Orba 2. The attached preset uses the less good method -  but it allows me to also use chromatics. (The other method is better for octaves, but can't have added chromatics.)

Hold the orba flat and you'll get the lower octave. Tilt and the octave harmonic appears - so it's not a true octave change but just about sounds like it. 

Chromatics appear because if you play on the outer edge of the Orba you get the "proper" note - move into the inner area and you get notes a semitone lower giving you a full chromatic range.

And just for fun I've added a quick glissando between key touches which makes a tune a little bit smoother sounding - perhaps.

To load it, merge the Common folder here with the one in the Artiphon folder in your user documents. Or just copy the two files into the equivalent folders there. (Not sure what it is on a Mac - sorry.)

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