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New to orba, recording counter is 4/4 but playback is 3/4m.

I'm getting back into music after a long time away, and maybe just doing something silly, but if I set my device to record, tap the bom, and then hit, say, a bass drum at the top of each measure (the "bleep" on the metronome's "bleep-bloop-bloop-bloop" cycle), it plays back with each measure advancing on the third rather than fourth beat. I've tested it a bit, if I hit the drum on every third beat, playback is as expected. Am I totally misunderstanding time signatures and how the Orba works, or is this a setting that can be changed somewhere?
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Well, I figured it out, kind of.  It only happens if I try to lay down one drum sound per measure (like one bass drum per quarter note).  As soon as I start throwing in a cymbal or something it works fine.  That's weird, but can live with it.

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