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Feature request: allow "tap" of A (not hard press) to end record of a loop track

I'm on firmware 0.13.19, which is current as of Sep 19 2020.

In order to end the recording of a loop track, I have to authoritatively "press" the A pad to end that loop.  I find this quite unnatural because the 1-8 pads that I've just been using to play drums, chords, notes respond to a significantly lighter touch / tap.

On that final motion to end my loop, I invariably want to use about the same force / intent I've been using to play the 1-8 pads, which is rarely enough to end the loop.

Can you make the A pad respond instead to a lighter "tap" to end the recording of a loop track?

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Seconding this request! I was very confused at first when trying to end loops. Tapping "A" would be much more intuitive.

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