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Feature Request: Multi-loop recording function

Hey guys, wondering if there's a way to allow for multi-loop recording. Something like A + rec and slide to a new number for a new loop? Then you can run a "Loop Pad play mode" to play each loop by tapping the pads. 

Thinking further ahead a "Song record mode" could record continuously and allow you to record a full song by mixing your own premade loops stored in each pad. I'm kind of thinking the loop function should essentially be a like separate (5th) instrument that you can select with "A". In that way, you could switch your background loop on the fly, then switch back to lead and play something new all the while recording your whole song. Something like this would really open a whole new world - breaks, chorus', bridges etc

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This would be awesome! But I imagine it would strain the tiny thing's resources...
I would like to see a volume-mixer for the 4 parts, I would like a step- or pattern sequencer with Pattern chaining to be able to produce a complete song And please switchable quantizing; I get mad of a-sync drum All this may be independent apps or preferably 1 integrated program for Windows, Android devices and IOS
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