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This thread is intended to gather the feedback of Orba tinkerers.

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...I may be mistaken, but, it seems so. Referring to Ian's list, Bump begins "AAk" and the decode begins 0, 9, 0. Radiate begins "AQk" and the decode begins 1, 9, 0. 

...for general reference, "Pitchbend" doesn't really belong in that table of gestures, though it's still interesting to see how that that value compares. Out of the gestures, there are only two with a duplicate at the 2nd place, and they're the two "Events". Maybe Bump/Radiate and Tap/Press don't clash because Events and Metrics are dealt with differently...?

(...basically, taking the Event/Metric flag at first place into account, the first two values taken together provide a unique signature across the table...)

Here's a list of Metrics and Events as they appear in the App code:

Tilt - Metric

Move - Metric

Move X – Metric

Move Y - Metric

Move Z - Metric

Pressure - Metric

Lift – Metric

Shake – Metric

Spin – Metric

Radiate Absolute - Metric

Radiate Delta - Metric

Slide - Metric

Vibrato Absolute - Metric

Vibrato Delta - Metric

Pitch Bend - Metric

CC - Metric

Tap - Event

Bump - Event

Shake - Event

Palm - Event

Chord - Event

Midi File Processor - Event

"Lift" sounds like "Release velocity", but I don't know how we'd find seekerData for it. I don't know what "Palm" would do. It's interesting that "Chord" and "Pitch Bend" appear, since they're not gestures, but know they tie in with the Modifier/Seeker lists like the others.




(I don't think "Chord" means "pad in Chord mode", since there's no similar entry for Lead or Bass. I reckon it's more that chord formation is part of the Modifier/Seeker structure.) 

"Receiver/Sound generator should be set to a pitch bend range of 48."

>"This suggests that range is settable in the Preset?"

I think this refers to setting the pitchbend range on a synth being played via MIDI; it's an MPE thing. Eg:,synthesizers%20like%20Equator%20and%20Strobe2.

"By default the Pitch Bend Range is 48 to match the default pitch bend range of MPE synthesizers like Equator and Strobe2."

(There's some discussion about this opn the Orba forum here.)

That table above says: "Note On / Note Off Velocity". Perhaps they're both part of the Tap seekerData string. I think I found a setting that turned the velocity response off; I'll see if I can remember it. 

Wow you've posted so much information its going to take me a while to catch up! I'd like to try to build a mind map of how all this stuff fits together. Some kind of hypothetical model even if we think the Sun resolves around the Earth for now.. some kind of working model. I feel like we are missing a piece or two but maybe looking at the big picture will help.

@BJG145 I think there might be some velocity settings in the Touch SeekerData.. I remember coming across this when I found that some sounds were softer than the same synth patch. If you've ever seen the setting for monophonic vs. polyphonic I'm really looking for that.. It might just be implicitly set but I know any Preset dropped in the Bass folder becomes monophonic and adding chords also makes it monophonic. I believe I once had polyphonic chords in the Lead folder but I don't think I kept it :(

>" I believe I once had polyphonic chords in the Lead folder but I don't think I kept it"

If you copy a Chord preset to the Lead folder and load it from there, you can play chords in Lead that what you mean...?

Not quite. Each Chord Pad cuts out the next. I believe I had it where I could play two Chord Pads at the same time to form a poly chord. Honestly, I've done so much messing around I can't keep my successes and failures straight. Maybe I'll compile a list:

SUCCESSES (from this forum):

1. Modify Thumbnail Images

2. Create Custom Chords

3. Create Custom Scales

4. Create some clever Presets

5. Continued understanding of hardware/software

6. ...


1. Find Drum settings that can be tweaked realtime

2. Find an interesting use for Spin gesture

3. Understand how gestures are bound to synth params and cc values

4. Have Orba record pitch effects

5. Examine Bezier and Song Base64 data

... Requests??

Also one thing I've realized about pitch bending (Index 23) does not implicitly control the bend range but rather the starting tone in cents. Setting it to 0 lowers the starting note therefor giving a larger bend range. If you play a note from one of the altered bend patches then a normal patch immediately after you hear that the altered patch isn't really in key.

>"Not quite. Each Chord Pad cuts out the next."

I hadn't noticed that. The Tap gesture for chords has different seekerData with its own index (11). I ghuess this is the "Chord Event". This updated table includes a column taken from Faux Chords. I think other things like gestureUuid and ModifierData are the same.


...also note the change from 8 to 32 in row five. Maybe that's connected with the polyphony.

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