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Orba hacking knowledge base

This thread is intended to gather the feedback of Orba tinkerers.

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Just received my Orba 2 this afternoon! I will see if the tools work with Orba 2 in the next week or so. We should probably start an Orba 2 Hacking forum.

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Have fun! I'm not joining you. Playing with my new Akai MPK Mini PLAY mk3 :-) 

My Orba 2 has hardware issues. No tests until I have one that's working. It won't take a firmware update. I think the Bluetooth is faulty :( @BJG145 Isn't there a way to manually do firmware upgrade if you have the files?

Hi Subskybox, Can you upgrade by using the usb cable with your computer?


No it also fails with cable and the log files mention something about faulty BT in ESP32. Artiphon has reviewed the logs, agrees and should be replacing it.

...still waiting for delivery at the mo, hopefully in the next week or two. With Orba 1 there were times when it wasn't possible to revive it automatically via the App, but it was still possible with a firmware download. There doesn't seem to be a firmware download available for Orba 2 though.

I suspect there is something systemic going on as I've seen recent posts about delays on Reddit. I'm exchanging mine for another (which I don't expect to receive anytime soon). I have been trying some of your DFU techniques to see if I can get it to take the latest firmware. I do have some new URLs:

I am really enjoying the new sounds but the limitations are too much to start any hacking yet.

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Boy boy. No fun, just pity. It sounds a lot like what Artiphon did with the Orba 1. Put out an unfinished product and then engage the customers with false promises. Before you know it, you can participate in the beta team for free. Good luck!

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GJ van Mulbregt Honestly I kind of feel the same way. I was a huge fan of the Orba and when they asked for ways to improve it I gladly gave my suggestions. Then the Orba 2 dropped and I realized all our insights and suggestions were unknowingly being used for the Orba 2... If I knew that the questions and request for user based Orba improvements were for the Orba 2 ahead of time, I would have gladly given the same suggestions, and would have looked forward to the Orba 2 release. Only I didn't know at all and the Orba firmware update ended up being the Orba 2... Which is possibly why I didn't purchase the Orba 2 from a company I greatly appreciated

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GJ van Mulbregt
said 2 days ago

Boy boy. No fun, just pity. It sounds a lot like what Artiphon did with the Orba 1. Put out an unfinished product and then engage the customers with false promises.

What was unfinished?

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Serious? Have you ever searched this forum? Do you work at Artiphon? Please ... Not cool.

Starting to hack the Orba 2. I'm able to assign custom samples to each pad by editing the .artipreset files

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@BJG145 I'm trying to figure out if I can access the samples in the Orba2. Do you have any experience with how to setup a fileshare on an ESP32? I see references to the samples in the property files something like orba://Artiphon/SamplePool/Drum/snare.wav

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No idea...but now that they finally seem to be in stock at Gear4Music, I've just re-ordered one...

If you Google 'ESP32 web server files'...might it be set up something like that...? I'm not sure where you found that reference but it looks like a URL. (Obvs this is more your field of expertise than mine.)

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