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How can the Orba control 5 pin Midi and usb midi?

How could I use the Artiphon Orba to control my Moog Sub 37? It has 5 pin dim midi input. Thanks! #ArtiphonOrba #MoogSub37 #Moog

Connect it to your computer via midi to usb cable then connect orba to computer via USB or Bluetooth

Or you could use a Bluetooth-to-5-pin MIDI adapter; I haven't managed to get the Yamaha MD-BT01 to work with Orba, but the CME WIDI Master does the job perfectly for me.

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There are such adapters, the problem is known. They can be found, for example, on aliexpress - the cheapest one costs about $ 25. There is also a bare board with wires for self-soldering, I am also looking for such a solution. Hopefully it will work.

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