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Feature Request: Built In Mixer

A mixer to individually adjust the levels for each part (drums, bass, chords, and lead) would be a great edition. As it is now, many of the bass and chord voices are just too loud to work well with the lead voices. User interface wise it would be intuitive to be able to adjust levels of individual parts by holding A + (a voice) and then clicking up and down on the volume buttons on the side. Hardware wise this seems doable as well as volume control must already be software based since the volume buttons seem to just be clicky tactile switches and not any sort of potentiometer. Something like this would definitely increase usability.

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Please add this feature

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Yes please! Onboard functionality would be great, but even if it is via the app, that would be better than nothing. Or at the very least, please adjust the levels of the instruments. For instance, some drums are overbearingly louder than other other instruments.

Good sign! image must have been listening because this is exactly what they did with their latest software upgrade. 

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