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New user feature request

Hi All, got an Orba as a Christmas present and I am loving it so far, got it working as a Midi controller for Ableton Live, uploaded new sounds from the app, all very simple to setup and use. This is a powerful instrument for it's size and really fun to use. I noticed some basic music-making utilities are lacking though.

My initial thoughts for feature requests, :

  1. Quantization to hit notes on time. 1/16 note quantization with some variance would be great.
  2. Basic mixing ability, perhaps when connected to the app.
  3. Specific loop lengths so I don't have to think about when to stop recording.
  4. Vibration control to turn it down or off.
  5. User created sound packs to share/edit.

Thanks and keep up the great work.

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These are all great ideas, thank you!

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