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Orba and CME WIDI Bud

Hello my Orba Companions seen the size of my music room  i try to avoid as much cables as possible .  

So would try to connect  Orba with the  CME WIDI bud but I found only 1 post  about  this October 2020 and  nothing more. Can anyone  confirm this will work  and how .

before i buy the bud .......

thank you in advance

Yes, you should be able to plug it straight into the USB port of whatever you're using as your external sound source. I got mine originally for Instrument 1 use (so to send rather than receive), but I just tested it as a receiver for the Orba in Equator 2 on my Mac with Bluetooth off, and all I needed to do was to select the WIDI Bud as the input in Equator, so it should work out of the box with any hardware synth or other sound source with USB MIDI input. It's an extremely flexible, tiny, and idiot-proof solution; it seems now to have been discontinued in favour of their more elaborate later products (where I can recommend the WIDI Master for Bluetooth-to-5-pin MIDI), but that's all the more reason to grab one while it's still available. I've used the Yamaha competitors (UD-BT01 and MD-BT01 respectively) and CME's products have been vastly superior.

Sorry, I was wrong about it being discontinued – it's just a bit buried on their web page.

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