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Hang Drum sounds for Orba

Can we have Hang Drums instrument in Orba? I think it would be awesome if we could play Hang Drum with it.

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I tried to tweak the synth params to get something that would be reminiscent of a hang drum/handpan, but  failed at doing so since it's so onerous to tweak the presets, reload, and test them. The other part of having it serve as a virtual handpan would be the ability to configure the notes in an alternating pattering and the ability to adjust the notes in the scale.

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Interesting that I found this topic this soon after rediscovering handpans (hang drums). This would indeed be an interesting instrument for this device and it's insane that it's basically shaped like the handpan but does not have the instrument itself inside it. Please consider adding it, because I would love to play it with Artiphon which would work as a low end controller for handpan sounds.

If someone knows how to implement this functionality or control a daw with Artiphon so you can use it for handpans, please reply. I haven't bought Artiphon yet but I already saw it on kickstarter but didn't have money for it. I think handpan community would love the device after building the instrument itself inside of it.

I just bought ORBA and it's great just missing Hangdrum. That would be great. please and thank you

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