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saving songs

so i made a loop but every time i go to the pencil and fill in everything i am given no option of saving on that screen or on the top bar as the instruction video shows

am i missing something here? i've tried the app on iphone ipad and windows desktop.

@ Joseph - Yes you are missing something. And you are not alone in that.

That option was included in an earlier version of the appIt has its flaws, but it works.

Artiphon removed the option months ago. And it has been very, very high on their to-do list for months. At least, that's what they have been saying ever since.

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Thanks I found it mentioned in some other threads after spending a while pouring over the forums. So it also just crashes out of song creation and all the parts are either gone or replaced by previously cleared tracks and that is weird. The IOS app gave me the update firmware error which is absolutely updated and now I can’t even change the sound sets with the app. This is a broken hunk of garbage and needs to be majorly fixed.

I agree with you. Too bad, nice thing, bad software. And Artiphon insists they are going to solve it. Bit frustrating this.

Try the old Windows app, maybe it works for you ...

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