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Orba Feature Request - Mute/Unmute parts


I was reading the manual of the Orba and did some research. As of the latest update, it seems that a part mute/unmute function is not currently available and that’s a real shame. This could let us create entire songs and not just 8 bars loops. Is there any chance that this could be added in a future update?

Still a big fan of the Orba. What you guys created is simply awesome and I want to say how grateful I am that you priced it so fairly.


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Thank you!

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I was just about to post a request for this feature as well, this would make a complete song on the fly, exactly why I bought this little gem. So +1 for me

Hi! I would find mute/unmute parts extremely useful. Any plan to implement it? Maybe a press the A button + two taps in the specific button (bass, chord, etc) to mute/unmute would work great
Sorry, I thought I was in orba 2 forums. Thanks!!

My bad, I thought I was in Orba 2 forums as well, sorry for the confusion

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