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can I change the scale on Orba via MIDI

Hi, like i said earlier i LOVE my Orba... is it possible to change the scale also via midi? and if NOT can you implement these?? :-)


 You can change the scale in the app. The presets in the app determine what the Orba does when used for MIDI, which is strange, but if you're wanting to be able to control specific notes of an instrument inside a DAW, try manually assigning the buttons to specific notes.

I know the presets ... but imagine: you are on stage ... perform different Songs in different scales... your ORBA is connected to your MAC via Bluetooth MIDI to be free to perform. Now it's not pretty handy between the songs to: disconnect orba from the mac... connect it to phone or iPad... change the scale...disconnect from iPad .... connect again to the MAC...

for this i would like to send scale change via .... SOMETHING :-D

That's what I mean about assigning the buttons manually. Ideally, if you are trying to use this other than a toy for the bus ride home, ultimately you'll have to learn to customize it for yourself. I agree that the Orba needs a lot of work, but getting the most out of it is up to you. If you're using it in a live setting you already have to had set up the project/hardware to work with the Orba, otherwise using it as a controller wouldn't work. Because Artiphon made the presets dictate how the Orba can work as a MIDI controller, there is no choice but to map out the buttons and gestures for yourself. There are only 8 buttons. You were never going to have full control over all notes you'd like, even if there was an an extra button you could push to change into another key.  Unless I'm wrong, the only possible way to do this, including if they did include a physical button, is to assign the notes you want manually for each instrument/project you're using at the moment, then switching projects you could be in a different key, because you will have had set it up already. That's how every other MIDI device works.

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okay NOW i got your point.... thx 4 that... give me another idea to handle the issue... THX


as an update for other user they have the same question here the Answer for Ableton Live user: just use the "Scale" plugin for this Job... no need to change the Orba scale then... 

thx 2 END7ESS to bring me there

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