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Metronome Volume and set up

Hello! I just got my orba and I love it so far! I got a lot of issues playing music with the metronome tho.

I found out you can lower the volume of the dums, bass, chords and lead independently by holding down A + Instrument and then pushing the + or - volume button. But it doesnt work with the Metronome. 

Is there any way to make your orba kill the metronome as soon as you finnish your firts loop? Having to turn it off manually cances the momentum

It could be a nice feature to have. Is a bit annoying trying to improvise with the metronome ON and so loud after you already have the drums. Even more if you want to start the song with a bass or a melody. Kinda kills the flow.

It would be really nice to be able to compose a song without the need of the metronome, I could use an external metronome on my earbud. 

Let me know if this is the appropiate place to post a suggestion I would really love to have this features!

Thanks for reading,

Cheers guys!

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Thanks for your feedback, Gus. While we don't have a way to change the volume of the metronome, you can disable it while recording by holding A + Pad 7 for a couple of seconds. That way, you can record a beat without a metronome or using an external metronome like you mentioned. I've attached a short video that demonstrates. 

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