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WIDI Bud Pro (Orba / Windows 10 / Bluetooth)

A while back I pre-ordered a new Bluetooth dongle called the CME WIDI Bud Pro, and it turned up today.

At first I wa a bit mystified by it; no Bluetooth devices appeared in Device Manager, and I still couldn't pair the Orba. I've never been able to pair it in Windows 10. But after installing some Korg driver as directed by the instructions, it appeared as a MIDI device, and...hey presto, I can now use my Orba as a wireless controller for the first time. Brilliant! Happy now. I'm willing to embrace it as a "fun" standalone gadget, and an excellent Bluetooth MIDI controller.  

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I got my Widi Bud today, the old version, not the new Pro one. It is better for my use case because it supports Windows 7 too, and it is recognized by the system as a good old Midi device, so there are no extra drivers necessary, and the DAW does not have to support BLE either.

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