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Greek Modes

Maybe we can get Greek Modes besides Major and Minor scales too? Actually, a full customization would be great.

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Do you mean like eg Dorian, Phrygian...? You can create these kinds of custom scales by hacking the presets. Here's a Dorian one. You should be able to drop that file into eg the Lead Presets folder; under Windows that's probably:


If you load a Song from the browser, then load that Dorian preset, you should find that your lead has been tuned to a Dorian scale.

You can't transpose these custom scales however; if you change the tuning they'll revert to the standard type. 

It's not ideal but you might find it a helpful workaround until Artiphon provide more scales. The method for creating these custom tuning presets is described at the bottom of this thread:

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Wow, cool! Thanks!
BTW, I use Orba on an iPhone, and I've found a solution that works for me: MidiFlow Scales and MidiFlow Transposer in Audiobus. But I think Orba app should have these customizations. Judging by the version number (0.5.13 or something like that), we'll have more features in the app in the future. Fingers crossed.

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