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Still no support for Linux...why?

 Early kickstarter backer here... Didn't expect a fully functional product, so I was fine with the state of the instrument.

Now I checked back here after quite some time... Nice, apparently you got the bluetooth working on Android, congratulations!

Completely useless for me though, as I still can't update the firmware. Why does this still require buying a proprietary OS?

Well, I gave up my hopes now and will gift this piece of junk to charity. Good luck with your business model, it seems to work for you. That is very sad indeed...

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Thanks for the feedback, Christian, and for supporting our Kickstarter. 

Unfortunately, we're unable to promise any timeline on Linux support. At this time, we're currently focusing our development resources on both Mac and Windows OS, which have proven to be the most demanded by our users.

We will, however, let you know if anything changes on this front. I apologize for any confusion 

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Well, thanks for the reply, but that is not quite what you promised in the campaign. I really would love to use the Orba, but without Win/MacOS it's just not possible. It's been, some years, I think you should really have put in some more effort to live up to your announcements. Had I known about the dependency on Win/MacOS I would never have bought it. It still is a funny gadget for kids, my son likes it.

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Has anybody tried the Windows Orba app under WINE? If it supports firmware updates on Linux that should be a start.
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